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"Making your goals CLEAR brings them closer to your values."

Adam Kreek

Executive Business Coach

Embrace CLEAR Goals for Optimal Success

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In the ever-evolving landscape of personal and professional development, setting goals is a critical step toward achieving success. While SMART goals have been a staple for years, a new approach, CLEAR goals, offers a more adaptable and dynamic framework. Developed by Adam Kreek, CLEAR goals stand for Collaborative, Limited, Emotional, Appreciable, and Refinable and are designed to be flexible and adaptive to changing circumstances.

Collaborative: Goals should engage your team and foster connections. Collaboration ensures that everyone is working towards a common objective, enhancing teamwork and collective success.

Limited: Goals need to be specific and time-bound. By limiting the scope and duration, you make your goals achievable and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Emotional: Goals should resonate on an emotional level. Connecting goals to personal passions and emotions increases motivation and commitment.

Appreciable: Break down larger goals into smaller, manageable steps. This approach makes progress more tangible and less daunting.

Refinable: Stay flexible and be ready to adjust your goals as new information and circumstances arise. Refinement ensures that your goals remain relevant and attainable.

Implementing CLEAR goals can lead to higher engagement and better results. This approach is particularly effective in dynamic environments where adaptability is key​ (HQ HIRE)​​ (Jay O'Donnell)​​ (Ivy Exec)​.

Strategic Planning with CLEAR Goals

Strategic Planning: Why CLEAR Goals Outshine SMART Goals

Strategic planning is crucial for long-term success, but the rigidity of SMART goals can sometimes be a hindrance. Enter CLEAR goals, which offer a more flexible, team-oriented approach to goal setting.

Why CLEAR Goals?

  1. Adaptability: Unlike SMART goals, which can be too rigid, CLEAR goals allow for ongoing adjustments. This flexibility is crucial in today’s fast-paced world, where new information can necessitate changes in direction​ (StartUp Mindset)​​ (Success in Depth)​.
  2. Emotional Engagement: By tying goals to emotions, CLEAR goals ensure that everyone involved is personally invested in the outcome. This emotional connection can significantly boost motivation and effort.
  3. Collaboration: CLEAR goals emphasize teamwork. By setting goals collaboratively, you ensure that everyone feels responsible for the outcome, fostering a sense of shared purpose and accountability.
  4. Incremental Success: Breaking down large objectives into smaller, appreciable steps helps maintain momentum and makes it easier to track progress and celebrate milestones.

Example of CLEAR Goals in Action:

  • Collaborative: "Our team will work together to increase customer satisfaction by 20% over the next quarter."
  • Limited: "We will implement three new customer service initiatives within the next three months."
  • Emotional: "We are committed to making our customers feel valued and appreciated."
  • Appreciable: "We will achieve this by improving response times, increasing follow-ups, and personalizing interactions."
  • Refinable: "We will review our progress monthly and make necessary adjustments based on customer feedback."

Using CLEAR goals for strategic planning can lead to more dynamic and responsive strategies, ultimately driving better results and higher engagement from your team​ (HQ HIRE)​​ (StartUp Mindset)​​ (Success in Depth)​.

Insights from Kreek's Video

The Power of CLEAR Goals: Insights from Adam Kreek

In a popular video, Adam Kreek highlights the transformative power of CLEAR goals. He explains how this framework not only fosters collaboration but also allows for necessary adjustments as new challenges and opportunities arise.

Key Takeaways:

  • Flexibility: The ability to refine goals keeps teams agile and responsive.
  • Emotional Investment: Connecting goals to personal and team emotions boosts commitment and drive.
  • Incremental Progress: Appreciable goals ensure that large objectives are broken down into manageable steps, maintaining momentum and making success more achievable.

Kreek's insights underscore the importance of a goal-setting framework that adapts to the needs of the team and the ever-changing environment​ (HQ HIRE)​​ (StartUp Mindset)​.

For more detailed insights and strategies, explore the full articles and resources on the ViDA blog and stay tuned for more expert advice from Adam Kreek.

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By incorporating these insights and examples, you can create a more engaging, dynamic, and effective approach to goal setting and strategic planning.

Have fun with the process and let us know how it goes!