Keynotes for Driven Professionals and Organizations

Reset Your Leadership Culture

A keynote and conference experience that reconnects your leaders to what matters most

Engaging stories that deliver tools, insights and lasting growth through change

Executive business coach, men’s health champion, capsize survivor and Olympic Gold medalist

Keynotes for Driven Professionals and Organizations

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In our non-stop world, where notification chimes are the soundtrack of our lives, taking an hour to reset seems like an unaffordable luxury. But what if a single, focused, power-packed hour could be the secret to unlocking your people's performance?

When you book a High-Performance Reset Keynote, you don’t just get a speech; your attendees receive a transformative experience, a 60-minute investment for long-lasting change. It guides leaders to hit the reset button, igniting a ripple effect of enhanced behaviours that translate into improved outcomes – both for individuals and teams. And its magic isn't confined to a 60-minute time slot. Its true power lies in how it fundamentally shifts behaviours, delivers lasting tools and drives results long after the keynote ends.

What our clients say

Readiness, Resilience & Growth

Adam addressed a group of 100 soldiers preparing for deployments overseas, to develop their physical, mental and spiritual resilience. His commitment to readiness, resilience and growth had a tremendously positive impact on the soldiers. Adam brings energy, passion and creativity to his craft. We will certainly have Adam again for future engagements!

- Jaemok Lee, Canadian Armed Forces

Truly a Gold Medal performance!

Adam’s greatest strength is his authenticity. His enthusiasm is not rehearsed or forced – it is true to his personality and it is impossible not to be affected by his strong presence. Our attendees ranged in age from early 20′s to late 60′s, and they are all “hardened lawyers” – a tough crowd! Adam connected with each and every one of them, using a combination of humour, humility and inspiration. Weeks after the event, people are still talking about the retreat and Adam’s role in showing us how it takes different players to form an effective team. His message is that it is only through failure that we can find ultimate success. That we need to move past our comfort zone, was particularly resonant. In fact, several attendees were so impressed by Adam’s presentation that they prepared a follow-up seminar called: “What I learned from Adam” – This is unprecedented, and a tribute to the impact he had upon us, both individually and as an organization.” “Would we recommend Adam? Without reservation! His story is credible, relatable and his impact is tangible. Truly a Gold Medal performance!

- Partner, Chair of Retreat Committee, Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP

Set the Tone

You made a big impression on our attendees and really set the tone for a successful team atmosphere.

- Executive Director, BC Construction Association

By Far the Best!

I have seen dozens of Olympians speak at off-sites in the last 19 years, and Adam was by far the best. He was relevant to our business and had a fascinating story. He wasn’t spewing business dogma. He spoke to the people in the room, leaving a lasting and positive impact that travelled through our office. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from all our employees.

- VP Marketing, General Mills

Presentation an absolute hit!

Adam, Your presentation was an absolute hit! Everyone is talking about it, using the 'goals, what can I control' etc as their own and in awe of your stories. Thank you for kicking us off with an impactful and memorable message. It's been a pleasure meeting and working with you!

- Executive Director, Utilities Standard Forum

Coached to Better Strategy and Goals

I recently participated in a coaching session with Adam where he helped me identify a professional challenge and establish a strategy to attain my goal. In an hour, Adam presented a workshop with the CLEAR Goal format and actionable steps. Adam has an approachable manner and the ability to coach successful people to the next level while adding humour to make it fun!

- Director of Sales, Avetta


Beat Burnout

Build up your body, mind & spirit with tools designed for the organizational Olympian.

Elevate Leadership & Teamwork

Grow organizational culture by learning the secrets of working alone, together.

Resilient Change

Find stability in flux, and gain tools to thrive through the ebbs and flows of disruption.

A Ridiculously Engaging Presentation

"I had the thrill of listening to Adam's ridiculously engaging presentation where he merged safety, teamwork, sportsmanship, friendship, family, and a plethora of laughs! He kept the room active (literally!) and well engaged. It was a true pleasure to meet a humbled Olympic gold medallist and to hear his message. I hope to cross paths with Adam again!"
– Sr VP, EPCOR Energy

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High Performance Keynote
Beat Burnout with Better Behaviours


  • Reset your physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Research-backed and empirically driven tools
  • Personalize your self-care to combat stress

A meticulously designed anecdote to the persistent stress of high-demand environments that addresses burnout and reduced productivity issues. Adam – an Olympic Gold Medalist and seasoned Executive Business Coach – brings unique, battle-tested perspectives on sustaining high performance while maintaining personal well-being.

Drawing on researched-backed personal experience from professional athletics, business, and adventure – the audience gains a dynamic, inspiring, and profoundly transformative keynote tailored for mid-level managers, sales teams, and entrepreneurs. His mission: equip you with the tools to navigate and thrive amidst the pressures of your demanding roles.
Alone and Together – A Golden Paradox of Performance


  • Uncover elite motivation, the best tools to energize leaders and team dynamics
  • Optimize your team dynamics with the right people in the right seats
  • Upskill leaders with effective tools for influence, achievement and engagement

In today's competitive business landscape, effective teamwork and leadership are more critical than ever. Leaders must work as a team, yet will often do their most productive work alone. Top leaders know how to work alone, together. Delivered by bestselling business author, executive coach and Olympic Gold Medalist, Adam Kreek, this keynote provides a unique perspective on these essential skills.

Drawing from his experience in elite sports, Adam presents practical strategies and tools to improve team collaboration, enhance leadership, and align goals within organizations. This keynote addresses the everyday challenges of disengagement, ineffective leadership, and misalignment of goals, all of which hamper productivity and growth. Adam’s compelling narrative, enriched with real-life stories and proven strategies, leaves audiences inspired, equipped and ready to transform their teams and organizations.
Navigate Change with a Responsibility Ethic


  • Build a map to navigate the peaks and troughs of change
  • Create the ability to respond more effectively to change with toughness and resiliency
  • Move from drama to individual empowerment in the unpredictable

In an era marked by rapid change, uncertainty, and less personal responsibility, Adam Kreek's keynote provides crucial guidance to navigate uncharted terrain. Drawing on his diverse experiences as an Olympic athlete, seasoned expedition leader and award-winning executive business coach, Kreek offers real-world wisdom to help individuals and organizations become more resilient and adaptive.

Audiences are lifted by a blend of personal stories and practical tools that foster a growth mindset, effectively change management and navigate the ebbs and flows of work and life. This transformational experience empowers participants to embrace change as an opportunity for growth rather than a threat, leading to enhanced performance, well-being, and success.


High performance, stress management, leadership, resilience, and adaptability aren't exclusive to sports. They are universal concepts. As an Olympic Gold Medalist, Adam intimately understands the principles of high performance and shares actionable insights and applicable and adaptable techniques to the corporate world. Additionally, Adam’s an engineer by training. For the past 15 years, he’s run multiple businesses, having coached and trained executive teams globally on the skills and tools of high performance.

What do these keynotes give your people?


Just as a piece of music is defined as much by its silences as by its notes, our performance is shaped as much by our pauses as by our actions. These keynotes are your pause, your chance to step back from the demands of the daily grind and gain a fresh perspective. It's an opportunity to extract yourself from the midst of the forest and look at the trees.


Often, in the throes of day-to-day responsibilities, we find ourselves reacting rather than acting, leaving us feeling like we're constantly playing catch-up. The keynotes below offer strategies to switch from a reactive to a proactive approach. By regaining control of your time and focus, you'll start to see a shift in your efficiency, productivity and results.


We don't just want you to feel good during this keynote; we want you to carry that feeling forward. That's why we'll equip you with actionable insights and tools that you can apply directly in your professional and personal life. Consider it your High-Performance Reset Kit, ready for deployment whenever you need a boost.
People and organizations we've empowered to lead effectively, serve with purpose and deliver results
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Why Adam Kreek:

Adam Kreek has been delivering speeches for over 20 years. His remarkable, insightful and heartfelt stories drive home applicable strategies, frameworks and tactics to manage change effectively in ourselves and the teams we lead.

Adam Kreek is one of North America’s top executive business coaches and organizational trainers specializing in employee high performance, leadership development, strategic planning, and values-driven achievement.

Adam has coached, trained and taught hundreds of thousands of people, including teams at Microsoft, General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, L’Oreal, Shell, YPO, EO, TEDx. Most importantly, Adam walks the talk.

"Success is not measured by the positions we achieve in life, but rather the by the obstacles we overcome and the values we discover in the process of achievement."

Prior to Adam's 14 years as a business consultant and executive coach, Adam was a two-time Olympian, and holds 60 international medals, including Olympic Gold and multiple hall of fame inductions. In 2013, Adam made the first-ever attempt to row unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to America, the subject of the NBC Dateline Documentary, Capsized.

Adam’s bestselling book, The Responsibility Ethic, teaches us the how of self-leadership, driving personal and professional results in individuals and organizations.

After hours, you'll find Adam raising three fun-loving, spirited kids with his wife, and adventuring outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.

adam kreek


How are you creating a culture of resilient high performance for your people?


What’s different about Adam’s keynote

Free Conference Fitness Program

An optional, 45 minute, all levels welcome, tailored fitness program for all conference attendees

Olympic Gold Medalist

Attendees have the opportunity to hold an Olympic Gold Medal

1 hour zoom follow-up

Optional 1 hour seminar to stimulate and reinforce growth, learning and behaviour change


ViDA teaches a 3 step framework to build hardy leaders and durable managers who have abundant energy to tackle change with resilience and find growth..

Too often, we believe change follows a THINK-ANALYZE-ACT process.Yet, research repetedly shows that positive changes stick when we SEE-FEEL-ACT. We need to see the vision of the future, see that change is possible, and see how it can be done gracefully. Then we need to feel the future. Can we anticipate feeling the pains of progress and the joys of forward motion? Can we anticipate feeling the accomplishment when change brings results?

Empower your people to build their resiliency as they lead, manage and energize change.

What our clients say

Exactly What We’d Been Looking For!

I’ve seen many keynote speakers and Adam is one of the best. Adam customized his message to meet the unique Safety needs of our industry and delivered content that will stick with our teams into the future. His conflict resolution model was especially powerful for me and something I’ll use in both my personal and professional life. His communication and stress management tools will have a lasting impact on our Safety Culture.

- Area Manager, BC Hydro

Adam was the highlight of our sales rally!

Adam was masterful at integrating our core themes from the day into an energized, motivating, involving presentation. Immediately after Adam’s presentation, hundreds of team members were committed to identifying and taking bold action towards their “gold medal moment”. Adam was the highlight of our rally! Thank you!

- Manager, Marketing & Communications, Bell Media

The Best Presentation I've seen!

This was the best presentation of this kind that I have ever seen. Thank you!

- General Manager, Chicago Blackhawks

Adam was a Success and Very Well Prepared!

Adam was a success and brought a unique angle to what we were trying to accomplish! He’s very well prepared, intelligent, and likeable!

- Lexus

Adam was a huge success!

Adam was a huge success at our event! His presentation was relevant to our overall conference theme and set the tone for the remainder of the day… I can truly say that he connected with all of our guests and made quite the impression.

- Shell Canada Products

Absolutely Wonderful!

It was absolutely wonderful – he is so engaging and gets right into the crowd and involves them. You didn’t know what he was going to do next – start singing, climb a table, get the entire group up and rowing! Our Leadership team was really impressed! Adam invited the audience into his personal life… the images/video in his presentation really hit home for people!! Visualizing his dedication & commitment, triumphs & success, his failures and his loving family made it so much more real and relevant. And the quotes from philosophers and individuals of influence inspired the audience.

- Event Manager, TD Wealth Management

Why Work ViDA and Adam Kreek?

Adam’s keynoteshave been described as “Extremely engaging, energetic and interactive”, “genuine” and “the real deal”. As a result, has become a favourite among meeting and event planners, and a trusted partner for speaker bureaus and corporate executives for these reasons:


The ViDA team is available 24/7 to answer your questions, facilitate planning, support logistics and work in collaboration to ensure success at your event.


You work with Kreek and his ViDA team to weave compelling stories from a broad spectrum of experiences ensures that the keynote is relevant and relatable to diverse attendees, irrespective of their backgrounds.


Adam brings grounded energy. He loves to better individuals and organizations, and both his skill and commitment are evident the moment he steps onto the stage.


Conferences get keynotes customized for your audience. He specializes in tailoring his keynotes to the unique needs, challenges and opportunities of each organization. Get ready for an interactive, multi-media live event experience.


Adam is a powerful storyteller, with a remarkable background. He understands that participants need to be emotionally engaged and inspired to commit to meaningful change and take immediate action.


Adam walks the talk and shows up humble, confident and eager to serve. He values leaving a generous impact, inspiring growth and pursuing excellence.


Adam offers a Free Conference Fitness Program to all interested keynote and workshop clients, to engage presentation attendees and promote a wellness culture at the conference.


Adam’s keynote is just the beginning. Adam blogs regularly and is active on social so every audience member can stay connected.


The keynote is actionable. Each presentation Adam delivers is grounded in action that audience members can use immediately.


The most important minute of a meeting is the minute after the meeting ends – when business begins again. Adam helps participants decide, commit and prepare to take action now!



An inspirational keynote that delivers tools is an investment in your people, your culture and your future. It's time to rethink your conference strategy.

The heart of a remarkable conference isn't filled with registration fees or budgetary expenses, it's electrified by the power of a single voice—the keynote speaker. That's right. This one, often underestimated investment can boost your event's ROI by an astounding tenfold!

So, it's not about just filling a spot, it's about catalyzing change—injecting inspiration into attendees, rebooting their enthusiasm, and tapping into the deep reservoir of positive psychology. The right keynote speaker doesn't just talk—they ignite a wildfire of transformation that spreads long after the event. For true success, think less about the cost of hiring an experienced, top-rated speaker and more about the value Adam Kreek will add to your event.

We're in the business sector, not athletics. How relevant is an Olympic Gold Medalist's perspective?

Remember, high performance, stress management, resilience, and adaptability aren't exclusive to sports. They are universal concepts. As an Olympic Gold Medalist, Adam intimately understands the principles of high performance. He'll share actionable insights and applicable and adaptable techniques to the corporate world.  Additionally, Adam’s an engineer by training and for the past 15 years, he’s run multiple businesses and coached and trained executive leaders & teams globally on the skills and tools of high performance.  His presentations are often the top-rated event of the conference.
audience participation

Our group is diverse. Will this program be relevant to everyone?

Diversity is an asset. Change, resilience, work-life balance – these are not industry or demographic-specific issues; they're human issues. Adam Kreek's ability to weave compelling stories from a broad spectrum of experiences ensures that the keynote is relevant and relatable to all attendees, irrespective of their backgrounds. He has presented on 5 continents to audiences of divers ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and connects instantly with the shared humanity in us all.

Growing up as a working-class Canadian and the child of immigrants, Adam's lived experience is much more nuanced and relatable than many may assume at first glance.

We have limited time and resources. Is this the best use of our budget?

Let's break it down. If you have 2000 people in the room, each earning over $100,000 per year, that means each person earns approximately $50 per hour (based on a 40-hour week and 50 work weeks per year). Therefore, for a one-hour keynote, the total cost of having all those people in the room is about $100,000. So, why invest in the cost of the keynote?

Consider the long-term impact. Effective change management, resilience, and work-life balance can significantly enhance productivity, reduce burnout, and improve employee retention. Each of these outcomes translates into financial benefits. If this keynote helps each participant to be just 1% more productive, for a $100,000 earner, that's $1,000 per person per year, or $2,000,000 across all participants. That's eight times ROI on the cost of the salary costs of keynote in the first year alone, and the benefits could well extend over several years.

Furthermore, this isn't about the one hour that Adam Kreek is on stage. The investment incorporates the decades of experience, the wealth of knowledge, the rigorous training, and the unique insights that Adam brings to your organization through this keynote. It's about the transformational experience, the shared wisdom, and the enduring lessons that will resonate with your team long after the session concludes.

Investing in this keynote is not just an expenditure; it's an opportunity to inspire, uplift, and empower your team, leading to enhanced performance, increased job satisfaction, and a more positive and resilient organizational culture. And these outcomes, while not always easy to quantify, can have a profound impact on your organization's success.

We've been through leadership training before. How is this any different? We are a pragmatic, results-oriented group. Is this program practical and actionable?

This program is not your typical leadership training. It's delivered by an Olympic Gold Medallist who has successfully navigated intense team environments and high-pressure situations. It's rooted in real-world experience, not just theory.

Alignment is a dynamic process, not a one-time event. This program offers strategies to continually align your team with changing goals and visions, ensuring you remain adaptable and effective in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

This program is all about action – breaking big goals down into actionable steps, fostering effective teamwork, and enhancing leadership skills. It's designed to yield tangible results, not just inspire.

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