3 Management Tools To Drive Team Engagement And Performance

As a top executive or senior leader, it is essential to learn strategies and tools to drive team engagement, performance, and accountability. In this guide you’ll learn three management techniques to bring the best results, consistently, from all team members.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • The 3 & 3 daily practice designed to expand performance and hone accountability.
  • How to use team scoreboards to unite your team under a shared goal and drive results.
  • How to employ learn and grow checkins to designed to build greater trust, communication and enhance mentorship opportunities.
  • How to ask for and receive feedback to enhance rapport and team engagement.
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Are you working to better your leadership and management skills?

We have coached, trained and taught hundreds of thousands of leaders at organizations including Microsoft, Amazon, Pfizer, Intuit, General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, L’Oreal, Shell, YPO, EO, and TEDx. We’ve seen time and time again the key skills, mindsets and strategies of top performing individuals and teams and we teach these principles to clients globally.

The truth is it takes more than grit and hard work to sustain long-term leadership
excellence. Support, accountability, key tools and techniques, and practised strategies allow leaders to manage challenges and succeed consistently. No top performer acts alone; the most ambitious leaders build a team, including a coach, to create and ensure exceptional outcomes.

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3 Management Tools To Drive Team Engagement And Performance