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When we launched our new website, Values-Driven Achievement, we left our past Leadership Blog content on our old site so that clients can still easily reference old posts.

All of our new leadership content will be posted on this website, ValuesDrivenAchievement.com including these posts:

     • Set your personal vision and purpose to drive results

     • Learn how personality indexting optimizes results

     • Struggling to keep team members on task and delivering results?

     • What are your values? Learn the ViDA Values Discovery Method


ViDA Mission

We're on a mission to elevate your results in career and personal achievements - at for many, the most challenging stage in career and life. Accessing leadership support, high-performance tools, strategies and training, and consistent accountability, is essential for driven leaders.

Have you ever benefited from an executive coaching relationship before? Or considered how a coaching relationship can impact growth and sustainable achievement?

Adam's executive business coaching focuses on FOUR pillars:

     • Confirms you are oriented in the right direction, personally and professionally (direction)

     • Aligns personal and professional values to maximize achievement, results and career satisfaction (alignment)

     • Removes perceived barriers to growth and consistent accomplishment (lifts the brakes)

     • Builds leadership performance through new and enhanced skills and strategies (more gas)

We repeatedly see our coaching clients:

     • earn more money

     • gain more significant ownership stakes

    • address burnout and restore health

    • solve leadership anxiety

    • over-perform on business targets

    • better health: mental, physical, emotional

    • gain better work-self fit

    • boost employee engagement

    • adapt quickly to new leadership roles

    • stronger leadership outcomes

     • transition from role, retire successfully

     • increase impact, leave stronger legacy

If you think there is a fit worth exploring between Adam and your team, or anyone at your organization, we would love to connect.


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