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Values Driven Achievement Method

Business owners and teams of professionals across the globe have been growing from my Values Driven Achievement Method for the last 13 years –  aligning personal and professional values to bolster organizational success.  My coaching clients and their teams use this method to overhaul workplace fulfillment, bolster corporate culture and drive achievement. 

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The Responsibility Ethic

I have designed the book to inspire you, the reader/listener, to realize your full leadership potential and gain more momentum toward your next Gold Medal Moment—a purposeful goal that aligns with your core values and takes at least four years to achieve. You will find stories from my career as an Olympic athlete, ocean rowing adventurer, and business consultant combined with interesting case studies from the world of work that together deliver meaningful lessons about the Responsibility Ethic. The ethics in this book will push you to accomplish more of your leadership potential.

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VIDA Notebook

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Life Chart

Use this 12” x 24” to reflect upon your life up to this point, and be conscious in your plan for the future.

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The Responsibility Ethic

In The Responsibility Ethic, entrepreneur, executive coach and Olympic Gold Medalist Adam Kreek shares 12 principles of self-leadership, the most important factor in driving results and achieving success.

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