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Since 2008, ViDA has coached, trained and taught hundreds of thousands of leaders and teams at organizations across the globe including Microsoft, Amazon, Pfizer, General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, Wells Fargo, L’Oreal, Shell, YPO, EO, and TEDx.  

Keynotes? Workshop training? Team Building Seminars on, or off-site?

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Leaders aligned with their personal and team values, teams engaged and committed to organizational success, and professionals empowered with the strategies, skills and tools necessary to achieve and sustain both excellence and well-being.  

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Customized offering of requested length (keynotes 45-90 minutes, workshops from 2 hours to full or multi-day retreats, 1-4 days)

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Optional topic-specific audience e-workbook for participants

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Abridged version of The Responsibility Ethic and links to audio and video files

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Optional 45-minute pre or post-event fitness & wellness session

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Complementary 1-on-1 Executive Coaching Session with top-performing senior leader ($1000. value)

Featured Topics

We work closely with clients to customize each ViDA keynote, workshop and team building retreat to ensure a lasting impact on each participant and organizational team.

We teach tailored strategies, skills and tools to enhance and sustain peak performance and wellness in the following topic areas:

Multiple people sitting on different tables working on practice task.

Values-driven Achievement

What do personal values have to do with team engagement and performance?  Everything.

Optimize career engagement and safeguard against the great resignation by aligning your team members’ personal values to your organizational values.  Your result?  More fulfilled teams who outperform competition consistently.  

Today’s competitive and changing landscape demands that companies employ new and innovative strategies to retain talent, secure and cultivate engagement, and drive performance. Financial and social incentives can play a role but are limited in scope, often unsustainable and do not always address the innate needs, wants and values of team members. 

The science is clear. Engagement soars, conflict declines, trust is bolstered and communication is more productive when leaders and teams operate with a shared understanding of values.

In Adam’s Values-drive Achievement keynote and workshop, he leads teams and organizations through a framework guiding team members to articulate, affirm and act upon their values, and decisively align their personal values with their teams and organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • What are personal and organizational values?
  • Why are values essential to personal and organizational success? 
  • How can we align personal and professional values and how does this result in unstoppable drive and team cohesion?
  • Empower a cultural transformative strategy and the tools for team members to identify and align their personal values to the mission, vision and values of their organization. This process results in enhanced personal drive and achievement, team engagement, and a values-driven culture designed for synergy, talent retention and impact. 
  • Adam provides each participant with state-of-the-art behaviour change technology to ensure and sustain long-term, values-driven action beyond his keynote, workshop or consultation.

Teamwork and leadership in times of change

When the whirlwind takes over, busyness gains priority and stress levels run high. In a fast-paced environment, we often let communication and team dynamics suffer, and the costs are significant.

An incredible power is released when teams operate effectively. When functioning optimally, teams are resilient, manage risk, and maximize achievement in times of change.

Empower your team to navigate current and future uncertainty with confidence. Participants will gain Adam's best practices for managing change and the tools necessary for consistent self-improvement.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the change curve and stop resistance;
  • Clarify and empower personal and organizational values in times of crisis;
  • Understand your role and focus on what you can control;
  • Learn the stages of team development, and move from chaos to optimization.
Adam in a small workshop wearing black suit and red tie.
Multiple people sitting on different tables working on practice task.

Design High Performing Teams with Talent Optimization

The more you know about yourself, and identify differences in others, the better you can drive high performance - personally and within your team.  In this customized and action oriented keynote, Adam explores the power of diverse values, skill sets and motivations in the context of an organizational team.

In this interactive presentation, audience members receive a Predictive Index Talent Optimization assessment. Once complete, Adam discusses the makeup of the room and how to maximize differences and synergies, while minimizing conflict.

Learning Outcomes

  • Better understand yourself, and what drives and motivates you.
  • Understand the differences between you and your colleagues and how to maximize your collaboration and shared impact.
  • Learn how to execute high performance within a diverse team.

How Top performers use failure to drive growth

In many fields of work –healthcare, finance, engineering, safety - failure is not an option. So then - how do we find resilience and accountability in the face of failure? And avoid blame and ridicule when uncontrollable events arise?

A healthy fear of failure is essential. It reminds us of our accountability and emboldens the threat of consequence. But an excessive emphasis on failure-avoidance can paralyze productivity and stop us from achieving our best work. Risk aversion, inner resistance, self-sabotage, and perfectionism are all signs of an unhealthy fear of failure. 

Learning Outcomes

  • How to effectively manage your fear of failure and reclaim confidence;
  • Differentiate between blameworthy failure and praiseworthy failure;
  • Better your understanding of your personal and organizational values and their intersect for enhanced confidence and impact;
  • How top performers use failure to drive growth.
People sitting on chairs in a row on stage.
People sitting on chairs in a row on stage.

Gold Medal Safety: build an Olympic Safety Culture

12 years, 2 million practice strokes, 7,200 practice sessions, 13,000 hours on the water. Olympic training statistics are remarkable. 

But when discussing Olympic results, one measure of success and failure is often overlooked:

How many workers died in preventable safety incidents to create a successful Olympic experience?  For Adam, it was 24.

These workplace fatalities are catastrophic - and avoidable.

What is Gold Medal Safety?  A Zero-Harm worksite. Zero-harm can seem as daunting as winning an Olympic Gold Medal, so we need to have the courage to dream this big. Aim for perfection, accept excellence. That's how you win Olympic Gold. That's how you win in a competitive corporate marketplace. And that's how you build a strong safety culture. 

Adam’s customized, thought-provoking and behaviour changing keynote help safety leaders and their organizations build and sustain Gold Medal Safety at every level of their organization.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Individuals learn to take responsibility for the safety culture of the organization;
  • Participants learn how to prioritize small, incremental action and behaviours to build a Gold Medal Safety culture.
  •  Teams gain understanding of practical and effective communication and conflict resolution models for safe work environments.

A free fitness & Wellness session

We offer a free, optional fitness or wellness session to all of our keynote, workshop or strategic planning retreat clients. This serves our personal core values, and creates more authentic connections with conference attendees.

Sessions are inclusive, motivational and leave conference attendees feeling connected and revitalized and ready to face the conference day!

Organizations can choose to offer one of the following, free of charge.

Fitness & Wellness

  • Bootcamp training: inclusive outdoor jogging and bodyweight training
  • Low-back strength and full body mobility: engage your nervous system, muscular strength and flexibility
  • Meditation workshop
  • Deep breathing: learn high-impact breathing techniques, strengthen back muscles, and elongate your spine
  • Cold water immersion therapy
  • Rowing outdoors (where available, may be additional costs for this option)
Adam with a few people taking selfie after a fitness session.

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Once your event date is confirmed and your pre-event consultation is complete, rest assured your event will be a success. With 14 years experience speaking and training hundreds of thousands of event attendees, Adam delivers world class keynotes and workshops.

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Case Studies

What Our clients say

Practically Perfect in Every Way!

"You were like Mary Poppins sweeping into Seattle…practically perfect in every way. The Hyperproof thoroughly enjoyed your talk! The attendees have been talking about it all day and two VPs from Hyperproof mentioned parts of your talk in their talks. Thanks so much for sharing your slides!"

Becki Culbert, Principal


Swift Group

Presentation an absolute hit!

"Adam, Your presentation was an absolute hit! Everyone is talking about it, using the 'goals, what can I control' etc as their own and in awe of your stories. Thank you for kicking us off with an impactful and memorable message. It's been a pleasure meeting and working with you!"

Executive Director


Utilities Standards Forum

Instrumental in helping me and my business navigate

"Adam has been instrumental in helping me & my business navigate. He has provided excellent experience, great communication, leadership & invaluable resources to me & the team. I/we are well ahead of where I/we would have been without his coaching. Highly recommend."

Brad Sheerer


Value & Expertise brought to my Business!

"Quite literally, Adam has a gold medal track record for excellence, and it shows in the value and expertise he’s brought to me and my business through executive coaching. From helping me hone-in on my core values, to creating more accountability around working on the business, instead of just in it, Adam brings a thoughtful, motivational approach and insightful strategic thinking to each-and-every coaching session. I don’t hesitate to recommend Adam for anyone seeking out a business or executive coach to help them get to that next level."

Brandon Williams


Readiness, Resilience & Growth

Adam addressed a group of 100 soldiers preparing for deployments overseas, to develop their physical, mental and spiritual resilience. His commitment to readiness, resilience and growth had a tremendously positive impact on the soldiers. Adam brings energy, passion and creativity to his craft. We will certainly have Adam again for future engagements!

Jaemok Lee


Canadian Armed Forces

Aligned my Values with my Actions

Adam was fantastic! I looked forward to working through his content each of the three days he facilitated our virtual event. Kreek was very accommodating with his prompts. His delivery was seamless, and it really did feel like he was right there with us instead of virtual. I would love to have him back to provide everything literally. My biggest takeaway was the importance of aligning my values with my actions – and it's essential to check in as life progresses.

Engineer, McElhanney


Recommend we Bring You Back

Thank you, Adam! So many of our attendees LOVED your presentation. The emails keep coming in. Thank you for your efforts and a wonderful session. Lots of our attendees wanted to know if you are coming back? I told those employees, I will recommend we bring you back for more professional development. They loved the interactive pieces and all of your responses to their questions were right on.

Education Specialist, Center for Disease Control


Great Feedback from 600 Employees

We wanted to say thank you for being such a great partner. We had almost 600 employees attend and have gotten great feedback. People left your virtual presentation feeling engaged, inspired and revitalized. I was so glad to hear that people were reaching out for the extra values education you offered to help their personal and professional development.

Business Consultant, Wells Fargo


Informative and Engaging Virtual Session

Thank you for facilitating an informative and engaging virtual session, Adam. Lots of great tools and guidance as I revisit and refine my personal and professional goals. Looking forward to the day we can meet and work together in person.

Founder, Loft Communications


Ability to Ignite Energy

Adam Kreek is bar none one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. His insights are profound and his innate ability to ignite new energy into a mission is baffling to me. I would highly recommend Adam and all of the wisdom that he has to share.

Founder, REAfe Real Estate


Coached to Better Strategy and Goals

I recently participated in a coaching session with Adam where he helped me identify a professional challenge and establish a strategy to attain my goal. In an hour, Adam presented a workshop with the CLEAR Goal format and actionable steps. Adam has an approachable manner and the ability to coach successful people to the next level while adding humour to make it fun!

Director of Sales, Avetta


Life-Altering 24-hour Immersive Education

I hired Adam as a Keynote Speaker for a conference that I produced called 55North for business leaders across Canada. He was our highest-rated speaker, and the combination of his morning group workout with his talk was both informative and inspiring. I subsequently hired Adam to facilitate a 24-hour immersive experience for a group of 10 entrepreneurs on Vancouver Island that involved a combination of cryotherapy, amazing conversation, guided facilitation, and a 30km rowing expedition. It was life-altering. Honestly, I can’t recommend him enough.

Co-Founder, Foundry Events


One of the Best Curriculums Delivered

Mr. Kreek's ability to fuse his athletic training, with the theology of personal development had an impact on the CEOs and Business Owners that participated in his program. Two of the recipients of his approach were leaders in the Edu-Tech sector and commented that in their years of curriculum development, Mr. Kreek's approach was memorable, deployable and one of the best they had experienced. High praise Mr. Kreek, high praise indeed

CEO Coach, TEC Canada, Vistage


Set the Tone

You made a big impression on our attendees and really set the tone for a successful team atmosphere.

Executive Director, BC Construction Association


Ridiculously Engaging Presentation

I had the thrill of listening to Adam's ridiculously engaging presentation where he merged safety, teamwork, sportsmanship, friendship, family, and a plethora of laughs! He kept the room active (literally!) and well engaged. It was a true pleasure to meet a humbled Olympic gold medalist and to hear his message. I hope to cross paths with Adam again!

Senior Advisor, EPCOR


Adam was a Success and Very Well Prepared!

Adam was a success and brought a unique angle to what we were trying to accomplish! He’s very well prepared, intelligent, and likeable!



Absolutely brilliant!

We recently had Adam share a keynote with our company on Mental Toughness, and it was absolutely brilliant! We needed someone who could deliver energy, a meaningful message and an understanding of our unique business; developing student entrepreneurs. Adam nailed it on all levels – then went on to surprise us with how well he was able to weave our culture and people into his stories. Now, the true measure of an inspiring presentation, in my opinion, is when the conversation continues long after the presentation has ended. This has been the case for our team; in the days following Adam’s presentation we heard many in our group quoting him, and saw plans to infuse Adam’s lessons into the businesses our teams who were returning home to startup. We are a unique brand, and are often hard to understand – Adam figured us out and left us wanting more. Working with Adam and his team at KreekSpeak we easy and we would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Community Manager, College Pro


Adam's Keynote Set a Wonderful Tone!

We were very pleased with Adam Kreek’s keynote at FCL’s Path to Performance event for 280 of our management employees. Adam took time, in advance, to get to know our organization, meet our leaders, and build relationships with our employees. He also incorporated our organization and its vision into his presentation. This went a long way to making the presentation unique and personal—we felt as though it was meant for us. Adam’s message about asking ourselves, “Will it make the boat go faster?” is a concept that really resonated with people and has been repeated by our CEO. Another concept that people took from Adam’s presentation and have been using it, “we need to focus on the things that we can control and not on the things that we can’t”. We would recommend Adam Kreek to others because his keynote set a wonderful tone for rolling out our new competency model. Adam inspired our management employees by sharing his own journey on his personal Path to Performance.

Vice-President Human Resources, Federated Co-operatives Limited


Truly a Gold Medal performance!

Adam’s greatest strength is his authenticity. His enthusiasm is not rehearsed or forced – it is true to his personality and it is impossible not to be affected by his strong presence. Our attendees ranged in age from early 20′s to late 60′s, and they are all “hardened lawyers” – a tough crowd! Adam connected with each and every one of them, using a combination of humour, humility and inspiration. Weeks after the event, people are still talking about the retreat and Adam’s role in showing us how it takes different players to form an effective team. His message is that it is only through failure that we can find ultimate success. That we need to move past our comfort zone, was particularly resonant. In fact, several attendees were so impressed by Adam’s presentation that they prepared a follow-up seminar called: “What I learned from Adam” – This is unprecedented, and a tribute to the impact he had upon us, both individually and as an organization.” “Would we recommend Adam? Without reservation! His story is credible, relatable and his impact is tangible. Truly a Gold Medal performance!

Partner, Chair of Retreat Committee, Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP


Adam was Excellent!

Excellent – thanks for this and thanks again for everything you did for us at the conference. Every person I have spoken to (which is about 70% of the attendees!) have specifically mentioned your presentation when asked which elements they felt were most valuable.

GE Oil & Gas


Adam was a Huge Success!

Adam was a huge success at our event! His presentation was relevant to our overall conference theme and set the tone for the remainder of the day… I can truly say that he connected with all of our guests and made quite the impression.

Shell Canada Products


Adam was great and we hired him a second time!

Not having seen Adam present I was nervous of what he would deliver. Now having seen his presentation I know to trust the online videos and recommendations. He was outstanding! Adam really captured the audience’s attention – they were riveted for the full hour he spoke. His stories and candid advice where highly appreciated by the 550 UK business people who listened intently. Feedback following the event called out Adam’s presentation as a highlight with many attendees saying it was the best keynote presentation they had heard! Adam was great to work with and we hired him a second time to speak to our Latin American salesforce. We hope to work again with him in the future.

Business Planning & Operations Director, Microsoft


Adam got a standing O!

Adam got a standing O. Can’t get any better than that. Great job!!!!!!!! I can’t tell how many people have praised Adam’s talk today. The feedback has been fantastic! Thank you, Adam, for delivering above and beyond our expectations. You nailed it. So much so that many people have asked me for your PowerPoint deck. Thank you so much.

Director of Learning & Professional Development, Avison Young


Thank you for being the perfect “energizer” for our team!

Thank you, Adam. The entire team raved about your keynote! It had all the elements we were looking for – energy, entertainment and the messaging about teamwork, leadership was spot on. The team loved hearing from you and I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews. I thank you for being the perfect “energizer” for our team. It was a great start to our conference.

Manager, Internal Communications, Direct Energy Services


Adam was the highlight of our sales rally!

Adam was masterful at integrating our core themes from the day into an energized, motivating, involving presentation. Immediately after Adam’s presentation, hundreds of team members were committed to identifying and taking bold action towards their “gold medal moment”. Adam was the highlight of our rally! Thank you!

Manager, Marketing & Communications, Bell Media


A Wonderful Presentation that Truly Resonated with our Members!

Adam, Congratulations on a wonderful presentation that truly resonated with our members! We greatly appreciated all the hard work and preparation that went into creating your talk, which greatly enhanced our program and added value to our members’ experience in Orlando. Thank you for your part in making the 2017 MDRT Annual Meeting a smashing success. Well done!

CEO, Million Dollar Round Table


You blew me away!

It was an absolute pleasure having you join us at 55 North and the feedback we’ve received about your contribution to the event has been exceptional. The way you were able to weave other speaker comments into your presentation, complete with photos and quotes, really brought the audience along on the journey and provided a great reinforcement of the theme and reason for taking the time to be in the room. I’ve never had another speaker do this so well–you blew me away with that!

Event Project Manager, Incite Marketing


You Were Different!

When I saw you on the agenda, I was disappointed. Another old athlete… talking about how good they used to be, and wasting my time. But you were different! You shared your story but made it so applicable to my work and my life. I got real value from your keynote AND your workshop. I’ve already started to apply your change management and stress management techniques. Just ask my colleagues. I was in a real funk yesterday. I will keep using your tools. They are insightful and valuable. Thank you!!

Educational Savings Advisor, Knowledge First Financial


Exactly What We’d Been Looking For!

I’ve seen many keynote speakers and Adam is one of the best. Adam customized his message to meet the unique Safety needs of our industry and delivered content that will stick with our teams into the future. His conflict resolution model was especially powerful for me and something I’ll use in both my personal and professional life. His communication and stress management tools will have a lasting impact on our Safety Culture.

Area Manager, BC Hydro


The Perfect Closing Keynote!

Adam was the perfect closing keynote at our Catapult conference for small business owners. His infectious energy left everyone in the room buzzing, and ready to crank their business to the next level of growth. Would I recommend Adam? Without hesitation! It was his keynote, four years ago that inspired me to start Cultivate Advisors, a small business consulting company that now has over 40 employees and more than $5 million a year in revenue.

CEO, Cultivate Advisors


Immense Gratitude and Appreciation for your Knock Out Presentation!

Thank you so so so much, Adam, for your incredible presence, your profound experiential wisdom and for your willingness to connect with the chapter and our members at a deeper level. This truly was one of our most successful events to date. As I had predicted, I already got asked whether you would be interested to speak at our annual conference. So, keep an eye out for something in the upcoming months. Once again, we only have immense gratitude and appreciation for your knock-out presentation!

Vice President of Programs and Board of Directors, Project Management Institute, West Coast Chapter


Phenomenal, wonderful, relevant, customized!

Phenomenal, wonderful, relevant, customized, best I’ve ever hired!

Event Planner, Pilgrims


By Far the Best!

I have seen dozens of Olympians speak at off-sites in the last 19 years, and Adam was by far the best. He was relevant to our business and had a fascinating story. He wasn’t spewing business dogma. He spoke to the people in the room, leaving a lasting and positive impact that travelled through our office. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from all our employees.

VP Marketing, General Mills


Absolutely Wonderful!

It was absolutely wonderful – he is so engaging and gets right into the crowd and involves them. You didn’t know what he was going to do next – start singing, climb a table, get the entire group up and rowing! Our Leadership team was really impressed! Adam invited the audience into his personal life… the images/video in his presentation really hit home for people!! Visualizing his dedication & commitment, triumphs & success, his failures and his loving family made it so much more real and relevant. And the quotes from philosophers and individuals of influence inspired the audience.

Event Manager, TD Wealth Management


We would hire him again in a heartbeat!

I highly recommend Adam! He is high energy yet calming, an engaging storyteller who has lived his lessons, real, quick-witted, humble, succinct, perceptive and action-oriented. We would hire him again in a heartbeat. Our leaders raved about him. Shine on, Adam!

Founder and CEO, Tastefully Simple


The Best Presentation I've seen!

This was the best presentation of this kind that I have ever seen. Thank you!

General Manager, Chicago Blackhawks


Adam is so Good at Virtual and such a Compelling Speaker!

Yesterday was a huge success!! Adam did a GREAT job! The client and the attendees loved him!! He is so good at virtual – and he is such a compelling speaker. We couldn’t have been more pleased! Thank you for recommending such a great speaker for our program – we couldn’t have found a better way to kick things off :-)

President and Principal Planner, Simple Meeting Solutions


Extremely engaging, practical and very impactful!

A huge thank you to Adam for his time and presentation! I found his talk extremely engaging, practical and very impactful. I was also on the speaker’s list that weekend, giving two presentations to my fellow optometrists and staff on topics related to eye health and office management. I have been teaching part-time outside of clinical practice for a number of years now, and really enjoy teaching and lecturing – and when I attend a lecture or presentation that was as good as Kreek’s – it is a huge learning and growth opportunity for me as well – on so many levels!! So a huge thank you! I loved it all!

Optometrist, Small Business Owner and Keynote Audience Participant


Eye Recommend Training Conference

Favorite Presentation in 16 years with Pfizer!

This was my favorite presentation in the 16 years I’ve been with Pfizer. Good choice!! Thank you for arranging the presentation by Adam. It really touched home for me. I‘ve had a very challenging year personally and his presentation had a huge impact on me. It’s amazing how something or someone can connect so strongly with me and my tough times. Again, thank you.

Sales Professional and Virtual Keynote Attendee


Pfizer Inc.

What Sets Adam Apart

There is no shortage of speakers available for business coaching. What sets Adam apart is his genuine, down-to-earth interest in the success of not only corporate goals but personal ones as well. Adam has provided us with the tools to take large, multi-year goals and then work backwards to make the changes in our everyday lives in order to achieve them. I would not hesitate to recommend Adam to anyone or group who is looking at understanding what success looks like on their terms and what’s required to achieve it.

Financial Advisor


Nicola Wealth Management.

People and Organizations that we've inspired
Royal Bank Canada
Chicago Blackhawks
Avison Young
Wells Fargo
General Electric


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