How Top Performers Use Failure To Drive Growth

In Adam Kreek’s best selling book The Responsibility Ethic, he shares the 12 essential principles of self-leadership that fuel incredible accomplishments - and details how you can master these principles too. Responsibility Ethic #1: Take Responsibility for Your Fear of Failure.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Rewrite your fear of failure.
  • Choose action over worry.
  • Set goals in a way that minimizes negative outcomes and maximizes positive outcomes.
  • Identify cluster benefits to drive more successes in pursuit of big goals.
  • Harness the four step strategy: reflect, learn, grow and let it go.
  • Understand the science of non-attainment.
  • Sustain success through inevitable failure.
  • Learn to fail forward by setting cluster benefits.
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In this first chapter of The Responsibility Ethic, learn the tools, mindsets and strategies required to release your fear of failure in order to take action and reach your full potential.

Gain understanding about the science of non-attainment, how to get around natural mental barriers to achievement, and how to structure your ambitious goals in a way to maximize the likelihood of strong positive outcomes.

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How Top Performers Use Failure To Drive Growth