Building Team Cohesion With Personality Indexing

Leaders who employ personality indexing as part of their team development or personal growth strategy see improvements in both their work environment and leadership skills. Personality indexing tools are useful for creating team cohesion and enhanced unity within an organization. Learn about the most effective Personality indexing tools available and how to employ them to better team performance.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of personality indexing.
  • Top personality indexing tools, and their pros and cons.
  • The personality indexing software ViDA uses to maximize team cohesion and performance.
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When used as part of an executive coaching strategy or strategic planning process,
professional personality indexing can generate an ROI of over two hundred percent and improve productivity by eighty-six percent. Additionally, employee satisfaction and company loyalty are increased for individual employees.

At ViDA, we use Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment with both new coaching clients to drive in depth reflection, understanding and performance, and with corporate teams to enhance team cohesion, communication, engagement and results.

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Building Team Cohesion With Personality Indexing