Nicola Wealth Management Case Study

Nicola Wealth was pursuing an aggressive growth strategy and looked for a consultant to inspire and educate the team. Kreek delivered the following:

  • His strategic goal achievement framework
  • Concepts on shared leadership and teamwork
  • Why we need to step up to continue our growth

The partners were extremely pleased with the results and the impact of Adam's message on the culture of the organization.

Each high-performer left with a copy of Kreek's book, The Responsibility Ethic.

Kreek is now an executive business coach for Nicola Wealth's team members, helping this individual manage his team most effectively and achieve ambitious goals.

What Sets Adam Apart

There is no shortage of speakers available for business coaching. What sets Adam apart is his genuine, down-to-earth interest in the success of not only corporate goals but personal ones as well. Adam has provided us with the tools to take large, multi-year goals and then work backwards to make the changes in our everyday lives in order to achieve them. I would not hesitate to recommend Adam to anyone or group who is looking at understanding what success looks like on their terms and what’s required to achieve it.

- Financial Advisor, Nicola Wealth Management