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Use value-based coaching to align your behaviour with your goals

Imagine that you're standing in front of a vast, complicated machine. You don't know how it works, there's no instruction manual, and your life depends on operating it successfully.

What do you do?

Many people would freeze or panic, or wish and hope for someone to come along and explain how it operates. But to truly understand the machine, your best bet would be to take it apart and figure out what makes this contraption tick.

When we dissect the machine driving our work and life habits, we gain better understanding of our life, our career and why we are here. Then we can identify behaviours that need to be changed, and change them!

How can we better understand why we currently operate the way we do?  Consider each of your habits or work choices- why does it occur, and what purpose does it serve?

If we examine and evaluate our daily behaviours and choices individually, we can then put our daily routine back together keeping the pieces that best serve us and modifying inefficient parts. The result? A purpose built operating system that aligns with and works towards our goals and values.

How values influence our habits and choices

Values are the innate, deeply held character traits we deem most important in life. Values guide and motivate our actions, behaviours, decisions, strategies, and plans. Your feelings activate your values, because values are deeply felt. Values are present in the best times of our life, and absent in the most regrettable times of our lives.

Our values are the foundation of our habits and choices. They are the things that we believe in and care about most, and they guide our behaviour in everything we do. When our values are clear and robust, they can help us make better choices, even when it's complicated. But when our values are confused or conflicted, it can be hard to stick to our good intentions.

Like the machine we stood in front of above, if we don't understand how and why we make the choices we do, engage in the habits we do, and take action as we currently do — how can we expect to operate effectively, or better yet, make any forward progress towards growth and betterment?

Bad habits, unclear values

Often when we're not clear on our values, we let others - our peers, our culture, advertising, those who surround us - influence and determine our habits and choices, for better or worse.  There's a common saying that we are the sum of the five people with whom we spend the most time.

We all hold values, but many of us aren't aware of what we value and don't align our values with our habits, choices and decisions -short or long-term.  Unclear values can lead to outcomes that we don't enjoy or want and leave us baffled about how or why we got where we are.

Often if we find ourselves in a life circumstance that we aren't happy with, one or more of our values have been violated.

By identifying our values and aligning them with our habits, actions and choices, we can end up with results in line with our life goals and what we deem most important in life.

How do you determine your values, and what are some examples

One way to determine your values is to ask yourself what is important to you in life. What do you want to be remembered for? What makes you feel fulfilled and happy? Once you have a list of values, you can start to look at how your current habits and choices align with them. If there is a discrepancy, you can begin to think about changing your behaviour to better reflect your values.

Some common values include honesty, integrity, compassion, courage, perseverance, and creativity. Values can vary from person to person, so it's essential to figure out what is important. One easy way to do this is by writing down what comes to mind when you think about the word "values."

Why not challenge yourself to complete our free Values discovery workbook to help guide this process?

What is a values-based coaching approach, and how can it help you change your behaviour for the better

Coaching can help us clarify our values and understand how they influence our everyday choices. By examining the role that values play in our lives, we can start making changes that will lead us closer to the life we want to live. We can identify the habits and choices that don't serve us anymore and find new behaviours that align more closely with our core values.

Values-based coaching looks at behaviour change that starts with understanding the values that drive your habits and choices. By understanding what is important to you, coaching can help you identify why you behave the way you do and provide the tools you need to make changes that align with your values.

Values-based coaching can be an effective way to change behaviour for the better because it helps us to connect with our inner motivations and understand why we do the things we do. When we know why we act the way we do, it becomes easier to make changes in line with our values.  Values-based coaching can also provide support and accountability, essential for lasting behavior change.

At ViDA, our one-on-one and team Executive Business Coaching programs combine science-based and tested behavioral strategies, tools and techniques to help leaders and organizations achieve identified goals, enhance performance and better personal and organizational well-being.

How can you use your values to guide your decisions and create a more fulfilling life

Values provide a framework for making choices that align with who you are and your beliefs. When you have a clear idea of your values,  it becomes easier to make decisions that reflect them. Decision clarity can be helpful in all areas of life, from career to relationships to personal goals.

Values also provide a sense of purpose and direction. When you know what you want and why you want it, decisions impacting your future become easier to make.

How to do the things you know you should do

Step one is identifying your values.  Use our free workbook above to help with this process.

Next, reflect on how your daily habits, behaviours, choices and decisions align with them. Does your schedule and calendar align with your values?

If there is a discrepancy between your values and your actions, explore ways of changing your behaviour to line up better. Understanding where our values come from, why we behave the way we do, and what drives us as individuals-we can create more fulfilling lives for ourselves because we're living in alignment with our values.

What values drive your everyday choices?

Being a leader is hard. Middle age is hard. Managing teams is challenging. We’re here to support leaders through the most impactful and difficult time in their life and career. Our values guide us to deliver a significant impact, achieve peak results, and keep our clients sane, healthy, thriving and achieving.

Please reach out if you'd like strategies, support & accountability!



ViDA Mission

We're on a mission to elevate your results in career and personal achievements - at for many, the most challenging stage in career and life. Accessing leadership support, high-performance tools, strategies and training, and consistent accountability, is essential for driven leaders.

Have you ever benefited from an executive coaching relationship before? Or considered how a coaching relationship can impact growth and sustainable achievement?

Adam's executive business coaching focuses on FOUR pillars:

  • Confirms you are oriented in the right direction, personally and professionally (direction)
  • Aligns personal and professional values to maximize achievement, results and career satisfaction (alignment)
  • Removes perceived barriers to growth and consistent accomplishment (lifts the brakes)
  • Builds leadership performance through new and enhanced skills and strategies (more gas)

We repeatedly see our coaching clients:

  • earn more money
  • gain more significant ownership stakes
  • address burnout and restore health
  • solve leadership anxiety
  • over-perform on business targets
  • better health: mental, physical, emotional
  • gain better work-self fit
  • boost employee engagement
  • adapt quickly to new leadership roles
  • stronger leadership outcomes
  • transition from role, retire successfully
  • increase impact, leave stronger legacy

If you think there is a fit worth exploring between Adam and your team, or anyone at your organization, we would love to connect.

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